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training dvdsTraining Video: CONFLICT IN THE WORKPLACE: Sources and Solutions

Constructive disagreement can add value, as employees compromise and reach better decisions based on input from others. Conflict becomes destructive when anger, jealousy, and other strong emotions turn the focus away from problem solving and toward personal attacks. Destructive conflict can ruin relationships among workers, interfere with productivity, destroy teamwork, and contribute to employee absenteeism and turnover.

While acknowledging common sources of conflict, this entertaining video provides eight specific, reliable solutions: skills that help you put aside your differences, control your emotions, and move forward. Duration: 17 Minutes   [CC] Closed Captioned


EMAIL TRAINING VIDEO DVD  online training videos

training dvdsTraining Video: PROFESSIONAL E-MAIL ETIQUETTE

No matter how long you’ve been using email, you’ll learn some very important guidelines in this video—guidelines that will protect you from catastrophes and ensure your messages are professional, every time. Duration: 26 Minutes   [CC] Closed Captioned


meetings videos online training videos

training dvdsTraining Video: THE WELL MANAGED MEETING

Proven methods that have a dramatic impact on holding effective business meetings. Effective meeting planning allows for engagement and teamwork while keeping the meeting on time and on track. We're all busy and can't afford to waste time with nonproductive meetings. Duration: 22 Minutes   [CC] Closed Captioned


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training dvdsTraining Video: WHEN THE PHONE RINGS: Telephone Skills for Better Service

Great telephone service doesn't have to be a thing of the past. Even with the advent of email and the Internet, your customers still want to be able to call sometimes and reach a live person. And how that call is handled still makes a huge difference to the success of your organization.

When the phone rings, your employees have only a few seconds to set a tone. To communicate that your company listens to customers and gives them what they need- every single time they call. Those who answer the phones are speaking for everyone in the company. Make sure they have training.

Duration: 20 Minutes   [CC] Closed Captioned

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breakthrough listening online training videos

training dvdsTraining Video: BREAKTHROUGH LISTENING

Develop good communication skills—by becoming a better listener.

We all know that good communication skills are critical in every business environment. We also know that communication often breaks down. When there's a breakdown, we usually think the solution is to speak more clearly. But often, the solution is better listening.

Each of us has a habitual way of listening—a way of fitting what we hear into our preconceived notions. We are captives of our way of listening, often unaware that what we hear is not what others are saying. Listening is a skill that needs to be developed. In this communication video, viewers watch the communication taking place during a typical morning at an office. Duration: 20 Minutes   [CC] Closed Captioned

telephone training videos budget$299 - DVD PURCHASE

Listening under pressure video online training videos

training dvdsTraining Video: LISTENING UNDER PRESURE - Best Seller

In three entertaining and informative stories, you'll learn the right and wrong ways to handle customer service challenges. You'll learn how three specific listening skills can soothe irate customers; help you get the information you need to solve their problems; and keep your focus in spite of interruptions. Once you've mastered these crucial skills, great customer service will be second nature.

Learn three effective listening skills: Attentive—make the customer your first priority. Active—ask questions that address the clients' concerns. Objective—keep an open mind and avoid jumping to conclusions Duration: 14 Minutes   [CC] Closed Captioned


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